I would like to throw an open challenge to the readers here….

Today, after reading this piece – Do something, one thing that you have never ever done in your life!! EVER!!

Okay, here is the deal. Make this one thing. one new thing that you do today positive, good and really cool. It need not be a path breaking, spine tingling, nervous-system-exploding thing (like quitting your job, which by the way, i recently did – but oops, that is another post in the making!!)… it can be something really small, really simple but it has to be something you have never ever done!!

Maybe you could give 100 bucks to a beggar

Maybe you could call a long-time enemy and shock him by saying hi

Maybe you could simply run up the stairs of your office

Maybe you could go for a run on the beach

Maybe you could write a letter (not a mail) to your folks back home (and shock the living daylights out of them)

Maybe you could find five good things in your boss

So, guys… here is the challenge… do something you have never done it before….do it today and tell me what happenned!!!!

All the best!!!!!

PS: It would be nicer if knew how to tag someone with this…But I don’t…. so, I won’t. Unless someone out there tells me!

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