Hegel on Knowledge

Reading “The Phenomenology of the Spirit” by Hegel. Find it fascinating. While, I have myself often taken an intellectual position of not trusting what I do know, or what I can know. I have been wary of error. Hegel points out beautifully, that this lack of trust itself cannot be trusted. It presupposes quite a […]


Surely we are asking the wrong questions. Why are we alive? Why do we exist? What is the purpose of life? What’s the point? What is going on? Why do we die? What is reality? I have figured out – the right question to ask is Jonjhua. Jonjhua we alive? Jonjhua we exist? Jonjhua purpose […]


How easily our lives get swept away by the fake world of borders and stock markets, advertisements and sports, being good-looking and looking good, the evening news and the morning newspaper, the talk shows and the reality tv, the national elections and the international ones, the wars and the freedom struggles. How easily we make […]