Web Resources

An absolutely great and wonderful (and as a bonus FREE) web resource is HAMR . It consists of patterns for instilling positive beliefs in your mind. (HAMR stands for Hands actuated mental reconditioning).

Another wonderful site on tools for a happier life is Lollie’s Tools for a happier Life. It is such a beautiful site. In a 4 hour browsing session where I was just visiting self-help sites, this struck me as the most genuine. Do visit and do read her stuff on getting over emotional pain (or using it – as she says) and love.

Of course, an old favourite is A K S World, the web site of nuclear scientist turned new ager Asoka Kumar Selvaharajan. Visit the discussion forum for dynamic discussions on Personal Development, Spirituality and Creative Writing. Lot of insights.

Do visit all these sites. They are good!!

Snap out the negativity

Here is something beautiful I read on getting rid of negative thoughts. Of course, the first step is becoming aware of them. You have to be on the guard, be conscious. There is no change without consciousness, without awareness. Now, for the technique.
Just tie a rubberband on your wrist. Whenever you catch yourself thinking thoughts that belittle your potential, thoughts that disempower you or thoughts that are negative, just snap the rubberband. You will hurt yourself, but the pattern will be broken and pain will be associated to the negative thought. Over a period of time, this will lead to change. So, go over and buy that pack of rubberbands today. Lets snap and break a few of them – and become more positive in the process.

Learning and Education

I have seen that college, school and a general formal education dulls the mind giving the person a sense of cockiness. Compare that to somebody who has not had “proper”, formal education. He would have a more keen mind and a mind more attuned to learning from every single experience.

Shut up

I am sure all of us have heard the critical voice inside our heads. The voice that says- “I can’t” or “I am weak” or “I am not good enough” etc. etc. The worst critic and probably the most influential one we can ever have is this critic inside our heads. Next time you hear that voice do this. Assign a face to it. (could be yours, your friends, boss or even a dog) and SLAM a PLATE FULL OF VANILLA ICECREAM INTO THIS FACE. Make it into a cartoon charecter and add funny cartoon music. Have a puppy dog come and generally pee on this face. Make it look ridiculous. Add a looooong nose or BIG ears. Suddenly you will find that the power of the inner critic over you is gone. Use it whenever this guy speaks up.

Hi everyone!!
This starts my web journal on the net where I plan to keep all of us updated on the dynamics of my life in terms of how I have grown, what I have learnt and the latest set of experiences I am having.
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