Organizations – Wonderland?

Something to think about…

Organizations are artificial structures which provide you a fantastic opportunity to associate with people you would never, ever associate with under normal situations. Organizations provide us with an unparalleled opportunity to grow, to become more, to express the best part of ourselves in a setting which claims to be about tasks, goals, targets, missions and all that… but is really about who you choose to be with respect to all of these and the people around you.

Probably if not for organizations, our experience would be severely limited in terms of the number and the kind of people we would associate ourselves with.

If you think about it, every single day – surrounded by a milieu of people whom you don’t know, probably are not like and probably do not like – it’s literally a rabbit hole down there waiting to be explored by you.

2 Replies to “Organizations – Wonderland?”

  1. Great article, very thought provoking indeed. You have presented some things which we face in our everyday life, but we seem to ignore their importance. An organization is a portal through which our character is scrutinised and our plus points and minus points are identified to the core.

  2. Intriguing as you always turn out to be….and deep! We all start out with rabit holes and one day become capybaras who cant fit into those holes any more 🙂

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