Conversations R Us!!

Conversations are reflections of who we are being in that moment.

Think about it, how does a deep, honest, intense, touching, passionate, incredible conversation leave you feeling – energized, recharged…. Your personal energy increased and the world a little bit brighter than it was earlier, isn’t it?

And how does a shallow, superficial, pretentious conversation leave you feeling… drained out, tired?

In a conversation when we express the deepest and the best parts of ourselves (invariably, the deepest part of us is usually the best part of us), we express or manifest our true selves.

In fact, life is expression, isn’t it?

In fact, we cannot not express.

Right now, as you read these words, infinite potentialities and possibilities exist within you. The very next moment, what you think, decide, do or say is an expression of one of these infinite potentialities.

When we express a potentiality or a possibility, we bring a latent or a hidden part of ourselves into existence. As we bring it into existence, we experience it and it becomes, our experience.

If we habitually express a part of ourselves again and again – it becomes a pattern of experience in our lives and we start ‘believing’ that we are ‘it’.

But, at that point – every other potentiality and possibility also exists – latent, hidden, unexpressed.

If you want to assess the quality of your experience and the quality of your life – take a closer look at the quality of your conversations.

Conversation is a tool we use everyday, regularly to express ourselves.

The quality of your conversations would probably reveal a great deal about what you are bringing forth from the world of infinite possible expressions called – you!!

To improve the quality of your experience, improve the quality of your conversations.

If your conversations are happy, intense, passionate, happy, contended, joyful, cheerful and ‘soul’ful… then so are you!


2 Replies to “Conversations R Us!!”

  1. Great post.That is so right…. Some of my conversations have had some very real impacts on me. I think the conversations you have and also what you read define you a lot and energize you. And like you said, it can definitely change the quality of your experience.

    And Also, I was goin thru Steve Palina’s website (the one you talked bt in one of ur previous posts) … That was great stuff too!

    Later then…

  2. A post that is more thought provoking….would like to add a little more to what is being said..sometimes faking that you beleive something can really make you achieve it.. or can make u “it”..mostly, the conversations give you a better experience and brings you closer to yourself and helps you improve only when it is also “honest” besides being the others….the honest conversation will always have the real feel, passion, intensity…these follow..the question here is…do we or Could we do that with all…and if not, then prention shall always form an integral part of our converstaions…

    The answer lies in the place where there is a will to respect others. To impove the quality of experience one must improve the thought within.Converse better with yourself and that shall reflect outside…and reflect it outside and in turn u will converse better with yourself!!

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