Me, Myself and Traffic!

I think we reveal quite a bit of our real selves when we are in traffic.

Traffic provides us with a unique scenario. A zillion people together in the same physical space trying to attain their own individual objectives.

Our encounter with other human beings while in traffic is wonderfully innocent. We do not have a history together, no baggage. There are no expectations for a future. The relationship we share with a stranger in traffic is devoid of any possible WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) factor.

Traffic provides an opportunity for interaction with others where nothing is at stake, there is nothing to lose and nothing to gain.

In such a unique situation, what are we up to? The answer I believe will reveal quite a bit about our ‘real’ selves. What part of our ‘self’ do we express when faced with this unique advantage-less situation?

Here is a never-before opportunity to be generous, kind, forgiving, happy, grateful.

Do we take it?

Traffic can be such a wonderful teacher about who we choose to be and which part of us we choose to bring forth.

This evening, while going back home… Check that rearview mirror and notice the teeming mass of humanity you are a part of.

What are you up to?

4 Replies to “Me, Myself and Traffic!”

  1. Excellent, I have been with some that do nothing but complain.

    The way I see it. If a driver is slow, the reason could be I
    may be avoiding an accident or something of that sort.

    There are reasons for all things. Even bad drivers to teach
    us a lesson in this realm ha.

    Loved this thanks for the reminder.

  2. Had been to chennai a while ago. And I pity you. Ugh. And I had to deal with the summy autodrivers there for 3 whole days. Not pleasant.

    PS- Go to your blog settings, and turn on word verification. Please. Keeps out the spammers.

  3. Interesting point. I have read that traffic in India is bad. Ours here in Houston is bad, too. People dont handle it well. Even though they know there is nothing they can do about it they still scream and use obscene gestures. Patience is not in abundence here.

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