I am online…

It has been a long wait. Finally, I have an internet connection at home. It was in 1999 that the 19 year old me put up the first www.abhishekkumar.cjb.net on internet. I had no computer then. Working on a friend’s machine, taking the files in a floppy to a browsing center (which was 1 and a half hours away by local bus) and uploading it – seems almost surreal now. The computer did arrive in 2001, but living on the net took almost five years. Using the college internet connection while doing my MBA and then again browsing centers accounted for the site that you see now. Finally, a few days back – the Sify guys came in and installed the connection. And I can now update this web site, more often, as often as I want, from the privacy of my own home. Feels great. 🙂 I am sure I will be able to add a lot more value, make the site even more interesting and fun now. Look out for several new free gifts coming your way and the new Abhishek’s store. Hope you keep coming back. The action is just about to begin.

Abhishek’s List

One of the most revealing experiences I had was in Bombay during my summer project with Bates Advertising. There was no work in the beginning and I was spending a lot of quality time in my Xavier’s hostel room. As usual, I was reading up and doing some writing too. It is then that it struck me to make a list of all the things I have been successful at in my life. I went as far back in memory as possible and wrote down all – ALL – the things I had succeeded at. Right from my childhood till then. It was a very intense experience and I almost relived all my previous successes in the process of writing them down. It also helps to have the list ready and look at it in case you want some feel-good moments
in life.

It was a wonderful thing to do. We need to take note of good things we do and not merely feel guilty of bad about things we do not do. We should also celebrate successes in as much as we note down our failures. While it is important to note down what we have not down, noting down our accomplishments makes us feel very satisfied and confident about ourselves. Self-image, self worth and self-respect are very important ingredients for motivating us to achieve further successes in life.

There is one more aspect to this. Noticing your own accomplishments will put you on the right path to surpass your own achievements and make you to draw your strategies on your successes and not on your failures.

Today you do a simple exercise: List down all the things you have done successfully and note down your feelings as you read your list. Remember, it doesn’t have to be success as per somebody else’s definition (like topping school or something!) it just has to be something you consider a personal success. It helps to have such a list handy.